• Learn the basics of coding with simple to complex commands, sequences, and loops.
  • Combines audio, visual, and touch inputs to enhance multi-sensory learning
  • Accessible interface for students of all ages and abilities
  • Switch-accessible for students with motor limitations who use an external switch
  • Use code to solve fun challenges and puzzles



Help students learn the basics of coding with Code for Gold! Code for Gold is another fun, interactive, educational game to help students learn the basics of coding. With an accessible interface, students of all ages and abilities can use commands, sequences, and loops to solve adventures and different challenges. In challenge mode, students can select their own character and test their coding abilities one challenge at a time. This coding app is designed to expose students to programming concept through block-based coding. Learning to code helps students develop problem solving skills and prepares them for the future.



Code For Gold is a free App that can be used to introduce students to the basic logic behind computer programming. The objective of this lesson plan is to teach students the basics of programming using the Code For Gold – Learn to Code App.

Subject: Computer Science

Lesson: Programming for Beginners

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Integrate this Code For Gold fun pack into your coding exercises. This fun pack provides a variety of printable Code For Gold puzzles.

This step-by-step video tutorial walks parents and teachers through the basics of the Code For Gold coding app.